iniBuilds' iniScene Team Announces Queenstown Airport for MSFS

September 12, 2021

This one is for our New Zealand readership: IniBuilds’ Scenery development team “iniScene” has recently announced their latest airport located in Queenstown for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The real airport is the fourth busiest in New Zealand and is situated against a backdrop of “The Remarkables” mountain range. The uniquely mountainous terrain and colourful local weather serves to be a unique challenge for virtual pilots with a scenic approach and departure.

The airport is done from the ground up specifically for Microsoft Flight Simulator, the scenery makes full use of the simulator’s capabilities and the rendering engine and sees painstaking detailing applied spanning across the airport; the airport features handmade ground work with sharp bespoke texturing across the aprons and runways, all of the 3D assets has Level Of Detail (LOD) optimisation applied to get the best performance across a wide range of devices including the Xbox console. Detailed custom vegetation & miscellaneous objects populate the airport and are hand placed and coupled with a plethora of other exciting features.

Queenstown Airport costs £10.99 GBP without VAT, for those interested - head over to iniBuilds’ product page for more information and images (where you can iniBuy the scenery too when it comes out :P)

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