iniBuilds Releases Airbus A300-600R for MSFS

iniBuilds has recently released their rendition of the Airbus A300-600R for Microsoft Flight Simulator, the modern and longer version of the classic A300, certified in 1984 and still operating today for many cargo airlines and a few passenger airlines.

The Airbus A300-600 is an extended version of the A300B2 and B4, with two additional rows of seats, powered by two General Electric CF6-80C2 engines, and making use of the A310 cockpit, with no need for a flight engineer like the older A300s. 313 A300-600s were sold between its inception and 2007, when production stopped.

The add-on features authentic systems, a custom FMS, custom VNAV and LNAV, custom hydraulic, pressurization, electric, and fuel systems, a maintenance system with cautions and warnings triggered by ignoring it, realistic RNAV, and autoland capability. The flight model is tuned to represent the aircraft’s behavior and intricacies accurately.

The textures are PBR and up to 8K quality, with lower texture packs available for lower-end systems. The cockpit and external models for the passenger and cargo variants were entirely reworked.

The sound environment is fully tridimensional, using real recordings of the engine and cabin switches. 

Additional features include an Electronic Flight Bag, a basic ground handling set, and pre-set cargo loads with visual models.

It’s important to note that the PW engine variant and CPDLC/ACARS will be available later.

It’s available on the iniBuilds Store for roughly $44.55, requiring at least 8 GB of free hard disk space to install.

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