iniBuilds Announces Free A300V2 Compatibility Update for X-Plane 12

October 30, 2022

Earlier this week, developer iniBuilds has announced their plans of bringing their existing aircrafts to X-Plane 12, focusing exclusively on their much-popular A300.

According to the developers, the A300V2 will soon receive an update that makes the plane compatible with X-Plane 12. All existing owners of the aircraft will be able to update free of charge. In addition, a significant reduction in price for the entire family is planned, though the developer didn’t offer any details regarding this planned price change.

However, the developers have decided to not provide a release date for the compatibility update, though they hinted that it is expected to come in early 2023. Though the date seems far in the future, the developers reasoned that their current focus is to improve and polish the A300.

Currently, the A300V2 is on sale and can be purchased on iniBuilds webstore for £34.99 GBP, or $40.5 USD. Threshold will keep you updated on future iniBuild news.

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