IniBuilds Announces Dallas Love Field for MSFS and Partnership with iBlueYonder

August 15, 2022

IniBuilds has announced its partnership with iBlueYonderpour to develop its upcoming Dallas Love Field (KDAL) scenery for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

After complimenting the CEO of iBlueYonder, Bill Womack, IniBuilds revealed that it has already started development on KDAL. However, neither developers have disclosed any details on either the scenery or the partnership.

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Though IniBuilds is well known within the community, iBlueYonder may be a less familiar face to some. In reality however, iBlueYonder is very experienced in the creation of sceneries for P3D, X-Plane, FSX, and MSFS. More details on the developers can be found here.

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But why choose KDAL? Though Lovefield is often overshadowed by Fort Worth, it is located much closer to Dallas city center and serves as a main hub for Southwest Airlines, a well-known low cost airline that operates an all 737 fleet. Southwest, Delta and Alaska also flies a few flights to select destinations per day.

The IniBuilds forum post ends with the announcement of a trailer about this airport that will be available soon. Currently no release date or pricing had been disclosed. Threshold will keep you updated on this front.

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