iniBuilds Updates John F. Kennedy International Airport for MSFS

iniBuilds has recently issued an update to their rendition of John F. Kennedy International Airport (KJFK) for Microsoft Flight Simulator, the busiest airport in New York City and one of the busiest in the World.

The update fixes jetway bugs, bumps in taxiways and runways, and general fixes. The full changelog follows down below:


- Fixed T8 G1 jetway not moving.

- Fixed T8 G31A jetway gap.

- Fixed T1 G10 jetway clipping through connector.

- Fixed T5 G9 clipping default A320neo when retracted.

- Fixed T1 G9 jetway being too close to parking position.

- Fixed stand A79A and N parking 5F directions.

- Fixed bump on taxiway B between DA and DB.

- Fixed T1 AI traffic levels.

- Flattened bump in runway at DB intersection.

- Gates 9-17 now reaching parked aircraft.

- Flattened bump in 13L/31R.

The scenery features hand-made ground textures, a true-to-life airport landside recreation, accurately modeled and positioned lighting, high-detail models of all airport buildings and objects (and surroundings), accurate taxi signage, an updated layout, custom-built jetways with variations as per real life, a fully animated JFK AirTrain between each terminal, a precise representation of the famous Canarsie Approach, LOD optimization for every model, custom static aircraft (optional), and full compatibility with the iniManager scenery configurator. It also includes a replica of the TWA Hotel with an intricately detailed interior and the Constellation aircraft in TWA colors.

It’s available on the iniBuilds Store for roughly $25.04, requiring at least 4.25 GB of free hard disk space to install. The developers recommend uninstalling Asobo’s hand-crafted KJFK to avoid performance issues.

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