Indiafoxtecho Posts Development Updates for TA-4J and SIAI S-211

Alex John
Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Fresh information regarding the efforts of Indiafoxtecho's development for X-Plane has been posted by the developer recently.

Yesterday, an update about the SIAI S-211 was made public, which outlined the difficulties of developing the aircraft for X-Plane 11.

"The SIAI S-211 has been in a sort of limbo for a couple of months, mostly because I could not find the time for the final polish," wrote the developer on Facebook. "A couple of minor issues made the jet not completely suitable for military training aerobatics... in the past few days I managed to fix them, and while the quality level is not as high as I hoped, I think it is good enough for release... so expect it to be available sometime in November.

"Speaking of X-Plane, I have made some attempts to convert some of my other projects. Right now, the only convincing one is the TA-4J. I know that other planes of mine are higher in your lists, but at the moment my knowledge of XP11 is insufficient to replicate planes with advances avionics to the level of realism I'd like... so I think it is better to stick with the basics for now. For the XP-11 TA-4J there is no fixed schedule at the moment."

This was followed up with another post today. Indiafoxtecho explained the situation with the TA-4J: "The 3D model is fully imported into X-Plane 11... there is some housekeeping to be done and the instruments need to be animated. The flight model is preliminary and need some work too... but it looks nice. I am leaning to leave it unarmed, since the weapon system of XP-11 is very primitive and the default weapons look out of place on this model."

Indiafoxtecho posts regular updates, mainly for aircraft on the ESP platform. You can keep up-to-date by following the developer on Facebook.

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