IRIS Simulations Release Tutor T1 for Microsoft Flight Simulator

August 22, 2021

IRIS Simulations have released their rendition of the Grob G 115 Tutor T1 aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The RAF primarily uses the Tutor for AEF’s (Air Experience Flight) for members of the RAF ATC (Air Training Corps) and CCF (Combined Cadet Force), allowing cadets to experience first-hand flying with some aerobatics on the side.   

First flown in 1985 as an aerobatic sport plane, the Grob G 115 was chosen to replace the Scottish Aviation Bulldog in UAS and AEF service, as well as to equip a Central Flying School (CFS) squadron. Ninety-nine aircraft was purchased and operated by VT Aerospace with civilian registrations. This system remains in force, with military personnel providing flying instruction and civilian contractors performing maintenance.

The IRIS Simulations Grob Tutor T1 can be purchased from their store for $19.99

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