Imaginesim Shares More Previews of Almost-Completed Atlanta (KATL)

Friday, September 27, 2019

Four new previews have emerged of Imaginesim's upcoming Atlanta (KATL), which has been said to be almost complete.

Posted to their Facebook page, the images show various shots of the terminal, whilst also paying close attention to the vegetation and ground textures.

Imaginesim began showing previews of the then-unannounced Atlanta with teasers back in June and has seen screenshots slowly emerge on their Facebook page, one by one.

About a week ago, the developer also shared some night time screenshots of the airport, which came with the first hint of the project being completed.

"Finishing touches going in. Felipe is starting to close the project out 🙂," the developer wrote in that specific Facebook post.

Whilst no release date has yet been offered, the fact it is almost finished is indicative of its progress.

You can follow the developer on Facebook to be notified when the airport is released.

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