Imaginesim Announces Dallas Fort-Worth (KDFW)

Sam Clark
Friday, October 25, 2019

In a post on their Facebook page, Imaginesim have announced Dallas Fort-Worth as their newest project for their three current simulator platforms: Prepar3D, X-Plane and the forthcoming Flight Simulator 2020.

Known for previous Prepar3D and FSX content, Imaginesim made the leap to X-Plane in April 2019 with the release of Austin Bergstrom Airport (KAUS). The airport has since received a version two upgrade, bringing it more up-to-date and fixing some bugs lingering in the release version.

The group were forced to cancel their rendition of Los Angeles because of dubious commercial viability.

The group had previously cancelled their rendition of Los Angeles due to what they called "a high-fidelity and very detailed Los Angeles airport" appearing in the trailer of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 from June.

This put the group in doubt as to how commercially successful their own version would be, saying that the 18-month and over $100,000 commitment to the project would have seen too little return because of the new competitor. Dallas Fort-Worth is billed as the replacement for LAX.

At the moment, which Imaginesim had called the "commit point" to the airport, all of the 2D ground texturing has been completed, with 3D objects gaining pace under the watchful eye of developer Cal.

The airport will first be released for Prepar3D and later X-Plane 11, before getting an entry in the new FS2020.

While the group are already in contact with airport insiders, they have requested users with "photos of anything and everything" come forward to help their rendition of the airport. They promise a free copy of the scenery if your images are helpful to them!

Check out their post on Facebook for more and the email contact for getting in touch with them.

To see their previous work in X-Plane, check out our review of Austin (KAUS) here.

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