Ilumium Simulation Announces Provincetown Municipal Airport (KPVC)

Thursday, May 21, 2020

A new name to the X-Plane scene is Ilumium Simulation, who today has announced their first product for the platform, Provincetown Municipal Airport (KPVC). 

The post made on the developer’s blog on their website showed multiple renders of the scenery in the 3d modelling environment.

Although Ilumium Simulation is a flight simulator scenery development brand, the company is a child of Ilumium, a real-life architecture and design company.

Although the scenery is the developer’s first X-Plane product, Ilumium Simulation has been on the ESP platform scene for a while with a large array of products in the country of Slovenia.

Provincetown Municipal is situated on the tip of Cape Cod, Massachusetts and is only a short 20 minute over to KBOS. The airport only sees two scheduled flights in total, all from the airline Cape Air, one route to Boston Logan and another seasonal route to White Plains.

Despite no full feature list being included in the blog post, a lengthy couple of paragraphs were given on what can be expected:

“The scenery will cover a wide area to capture the colourful P-town, its harbour, piers, key buildings and landmark Pilgrim Monument to the south and sandy beaches, scattered cottages and lighthouses to the north and all around the airport. Landscape scenery and capturing of its character is close to our hearts as we have proven with our previous projects.

“We will go to great length to capture the essence of the small but charming airport in detail with all of its buildings, clutter, patina and greenery that create a unique atmosphere and charm. This of course means PBR treatment, high levels of details and high resolution textures that will make the airport relevant for sims to come.”

Ilumium Simulation can be followed on Facebook.

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