ITX-Designs Previews Upcoming P-180 Avanti II Update

Keizo Ono
Monday, October 21, 2019

ITX-Designs, the developers behind the very popular freeware P-180 Avanti II, have announced that they’ll be updating the aircraft in the coming days. The update will feature an improved flightmodel, integration of the terrain radar plugin, as well as avitab integration.

Posted on the X-Pilot forum, ITX developer Airfighter provided details in each upgrade that will be coming to the P180 Avanti II in the coming days. 

Here's a list of upcoming changes -

Flight Model:

  • Users can now comfortably fly the aircraft up to its mach limit (M.67)
  • Propellor Control is now very accurate, RPM can now easily be reduced to 1800RPM without problems

Terrain Radar: 

  • In cooperation with DrGluck, the terrain radar will be added, in a way close to how operates in the real aircraft
  • Terrain button in each display (PFD, MFD) will cycle through weather radar, terrain radar, and off
  • If you select the weather radar in any display, the weather radar has priority over the terrain, and will be displayed instead of the terrain

Avitab Integration:

  • Added a huge tablet (the size of an [iPad] "Pro" model!) where you can add passengers and fuel, as well have full access to Avitab
  • There is a catch! You can add passenger and fuel while engines are running! So take care to do it before start any of the engines!

Threshold will make sure to notify you when the ITX-Designs P-180 Avanti II update is out. To view the original forum post on X-Pilot, click here. To view previous articles about ITX-Design, click here

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