IXEG 737 Classic Plus for X-Plane 12 Releasing on Friday

IXEG has recently announced the imminent release of their 737 Classic Plus, adding full compatibility with X-Plane 12, new features, and “setting the stage for new improvements in the future.” 

The Classic Plus version will bring engine bleed configuration improvements, code optimization, wingflex, a 3D cabin, moving cabin doors, cockpit & cabin lighting up to the new standard, GUI enhancements, the ability to hide the yoke with the default key assignment, a FOV slider, cockpit windows with XP12 weather effects (rain and ice), improved external lighting, and tuned aerodynamics and engine performance.

The upgrade will be free for customers who purchased the 737 Classic on or after February 7, 2022, and customers who bought it before that date will have to pay $14.95. The upgrade offer will last 60 days, counting from the release on Friday (September 15, 2023).

Refer to the announcement for further information on the matter.

Shout out to DragonRuins for the news scoop. Stay tuned to Threshold for more flight simulation news!

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