IXEG Provides Future X-Plane 12 Development Updates

In a recent statement on the X-Pilot forums, IXEG developer Tom Kyler provided a brief insight into what the IXEG has been working on.

In the post, Mr. Kyler alluded to the fact that his focus has been primarily on porting over the MU-2 into X-Plane 12 and that he’s closing in on the final stages of that. After the MU-2 project is completed, Mr. Kyler states that, “...the 733 will move back into rotation as the primary focus of development with the port to version 12 being the first priority.” 

Mr. Kyler continued to express that the IXEG 733 (in its current state), is “minimally operable” in the updated simulator. Once the developer stabilizes the aircraft, Mr. Kyler expects they will set up a ‘volunteer forum’ where people will be able to provide feedback to the developer regarding the behavior and bugs with the aircraft. Mr. Kyler also released a screenshot of the cockpit of the 733 in X-Plane 12.

Concluding his statement, Mr. Kyler recommends keeping X-Plane 11 on your pc if you want to continue flying the IXEG aircraft in the interim. 

As always, Threshold will keep you updated for any further updates from IXEG.

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