JarDesign A330 Updated to v4.2

April 21, 2021

JarDesign’s A330 aircraft for X-Plane 11 has been updated to version 4.2, a follow-up to the previous update with various changes to the aircraft.

For this update, JarDesign’s team fixed numerous systems including ILS information, battery indications, navigation display and more.

Along with system updates, the group has also implemented a fix allowing users to use the engine master switches on their Airbus TCA Sidestick.

  • BAT indication on overhead panel fixed
  • Special points drawing on ND (on curved pathline) fixed
  • Chrono work fixed
  • Clock reworked
  • Alt CNSTRs indication on PFD fixed
  • V/S FCU indication fixed
  • Coordinates on MCDU INIT page (wrong format fixed)
  • TCA Engine Master Switches Support improved
  • Profile altitude for alt CNSTR points recalculated
  • NPA approach calculation and indication improved
  • ILS Information on PFD fixed
  • MDA entering fixed

Users who updated their products have experienced issues relating to the engines not shutting down after master switches have been shut off. However, JarDesign has stated that they are working to resolve this issue.

Currently, owners are instructed to download the update from a link provided on the post along with a fresh reinstall of navdata.

For more information on the update, you can check out the original source on the JarDesign Website.

Non-owners can purchase JarDesign’s A330-200 on the X-Plane.org Store for $60.95.

Thanks to buffegg for tipping us about the update in the Threshold Discord Server

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