JustAsia in Collaboration with MFSG Announce Bahrain International (OBBI)

Dave Neely
Alex John
Wednesday, October 2, 2019

JustAsia and MFSG have presented to us their upcoming Bahrain International scenery. Using custom objects from MFSG, they have given the X-Plane treatment by bringing HDR lighting, 2K textures, high resolution photo scenery, World Traffic 3 and SAM integration, plus landmark buildings in the city itself.

The overview of the airport and city show off the color corrected, watermasked orthos and how they integrate with the airport and custom autogen, as well as some of the landmarks and city.

The airport has a lot of detailing too, along with the typical clutter one may find at them.

Over 200 custom objects are used in the scenery, both in and out of the airport.

Bahrain International is Bahrain's primary hub for air movements. Destinations from OBBI stretch into other continents, but Bahrain's flag carrier, Gulf Air, reaches the most of any airline, with a strong presence on the Asian continent.

JustAsia are aiming to release the airport this Saturday, and believe the airport should be in the 28.00 USD range.

You can follow JustAsia on their Facebook page here.

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