JustAsia Releases RealWorldXP Malaysia

December 6, 2019

JustAsia's first VFR scenery, RealWorldXP Malaysia, has been released for X-Plane 11. The new series is a step away from their previous airport packages, which covers major airfields in and out of their chosen ecosystem of Asian countries.

Dubbed "the next generation of Asian scenery", RealWorldXP Malaysia covers over 330,000 km² of the country on both landmasses - the eastern section (attached to the Asian continent) and the western part (located on the island of Borneo). Two real-life trips to the country helped the developer gain an understanding of the "'feel' and 'culture' in Malaysia".

The feature list is available below:

  • All autogen models contain extreme detail (including postbox, cars in garage etc.) to give a "malaysian" feel.
  • Unique autogen for the entire Malaysia
  • All autogen models are made with 2k and PBR textures
  • Over 30+ hand model custom buildings for the autogen
  • All models contain HDR + Custom night lighting
  • Over 400 handplace POIs around Malaysia specificity in Kuala Lumpur city (Capital)
  • Compatible with SFD global and Ortho4xp
  • Light on fps as object draw distance and count is base of object setting in x plane
  • Cheap and affordable

You can purchase JustAsia's RealWorldXP Malaysia for EUR 20.00 from simMarket here.

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