Just Flight Share Further Previews of Their BAe 146 for X-Plane 11

October 1, 2020

Following a brief period of silence, developer Just Flight has released more information about the progress on their BAe 146 for X-Plane 11. In a Facebook post, multiple screenshots as well as a statement of progress were shared regarding the 20th century British aircraft which was announced by Just Flight in early 2019.

According to the developer, “development and testing work is now in full swing” and that the team are “currently focused on animation and systems coding on the 146-100 before moving on to the -200 and 300 variants”. As well as that, several photos of the aircraft have been released previewing the PBR textures in X-Plane 11.50.

As of now, no exact release date or pricing information has been confirmed by Just Flight, although they have stated that they are looking to release the BAe in the first half of next year.

The British Aerospace 146 Pro is being created for P3D by the Just Flight team and their partner in development, Thrandra Designs, are converting it to the X-Plane platform.

You can find more previews as well as a full liveries list in our previous article, and can keep up to date with the BAe 146 development on the X-Plane.org Forums or on Just Flight’s store page.

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