Just Flight Publishes RJ Professional Development Update for MSFS

Just a week after the v2 update for the 146 Professional, Just Flight published a development update for their upcoming RJ Professional, which is based on the Avro RJ, a modernized variant of BAe 146.

Thanks to similarities between 146 and RJ, the passenger cabins from 146 have been integrated into RJ and will include all cabin features that were present in the 146 Professional v2 update, along with small changes to reflect the difference in the RJ. One of the main differences between the two aircraft is the Flight Attendant panel, which has a switch for cabin lighting, as well as some different panels. Unfortunately, as of the posting of the development update, no screenshots of the cabin have been previewed.

Significant progress has been made in the RJ cockpit. Most of the systems that were semi-automated in 146 are now fully automated in RJ, such as the pressurization system. Even though the system could’ve been ported from 146, JF has decided to recode the whole system from the ground up. 

Along with the pressurization system, the development team has simulated the FADEC system as well. This system allowed all RJs to be fitted with auto-throttle, and also increased engine reliability and lowered fuel consumption. The modern GNLU-910A FMS will be integrated into RJ systems and will allow the implementation of LNAV and VNAV autopilot modes. 

Another area of development that is not being left out is liveries. Currently, over 30 high-quality liveries have been made, ranging from the very first operators of Avro RJ, all the way to present operators. 

Even though they have not shared any screenshots of the interior, lots of work has been done behind the scenes. Unfortunately, the release date is still not known, but, as always, Threshold will keep you updated with the progress of RJ Professional!

Stay tuned for more flight sim news!

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