JustFlight Announces BAe 146 V2 Update

JustFlight has announced a new update for BAe 146 Professional for MSFS on social media. This update will be free of charge for all customers on both PC and Xbox. The update will be available on the 1st of April.

This update will bring users the highly-requested UNS-1. The FMS will feature a unique interface of the real unit along with the holding pattern, direct to, and command heading functions, TOD calculations based on target VS, navigation monitoring, real-time performance information, support for SID and STAR, as well as the ability to import and export flight plans.

An in-depth manual for UNS-1 that contains all its features will be provided with the update.

The WT ProLine 21 that was included in v1 will still be available in the new update, and the two types of the FMS can be changed in the EFB.

A brand new, high-detailed passenger cabin will also be present in v2. Each version of BAe146 will receive a new cabin design, followed by fully interactive FWD and AFT galleys (yes, the coffee maker is functional!), cabin lighting controls, cabin calls, and ground service electrical supplier simulation. Another interesting feature is a music player - it comes with 7 music tracks that can be controlled by the user. Players will be able to import their custom music through the cabin speakers.

A new boarding simulation will be added in the update. The EFB will now feature several different boarding/deboarding speeds, ranging from instant to realistic. For instance, boarding a fully loaded BAe 146-300 could take up to 20 minutes! During boarding, you can hear new passenger boarding sounds. GSX profiles for each variant will be included.

Another highly-requested feature is a paper clipboard instead of the modern EFB. Unfortunately, it will take some time to convert all the functions of EFB to the clipboard, but JF has announced that they have started working on that. This update will feature something rustic though, as pilots will be able to use a paper checklist on the yoke, which can have up to 15 pages, and the paper charts that are stored in the charts holder will hover over the top pedestal after being clicked on. Up to 20 charts can be stored, and custom checklists and charts can be imported by placing PNG images in the necessary folder.

The new update will also feature three new default liveries for the -200 and -300 variants.

The -200 variant will receive a Discovery Air livery (US Honolulu-based airline), while the -300 will receive United Express Battleship Gray and buzz liveries (not to be confused with Buzz - Ryanair subsidiary)

A plethora of new features are in the v2 update, some of them being: an updated flight model for better ground handling, improved AP altitude capture, improved cabin door and airstair animation, as well as new wiper animations. The full changelog can be found here. Updated BAe 146 Operation Manual, EFB manual, and UNS-1 manual are provided with the newest update.

How do you like the newest update? Is there anything new you would like to see in the future on BAe 146 Professional? Let us know in the comments!

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