Just Flight Previews Videos for Their Hawk T1/A

October 1, 2021


Just Flight’s in-house team has been developing the Hawk T1/A for a few months now. After a month of no new updates, we were greeted today with some videos showcasing various features in advance of the release.

Just Flight is an award-winning developer for aircraft in P3d, FSX, and XP11. The team of developers already has three well-received aircraft for MSFS. All of Just Flight’s renditions come with a highly detailed simulation that is accurate both visually and system wise to the real thing. Along with realistic flight dynamics and mechanical systems.

Users are greeted with three aircraft variants, the original Hawk T1 trainer, T1/A weapons trainer, and the T1/A red arrows variant. There is an optional GPS included in the aircraft for ease of navigation. The instructor and front solo pilot cockpit are fully functional to realistically represent both pilots roles in the aircraft. The MSFS checklist system is being taken advantage of so users can get in the air as quickly as possible.      

One of the highlights of the video is the in and the outs of the custom EFB tablet. With a click of a button, you can pull the table out and rest on the pilot’s chair. Once the table is up you can easily navigate through a familiar tablet to thoughts who own their PA-28s. Users can quickly change the state of the aircraft from Cold & Dark to Ready for Takeoff, once your state is selected you can open and close the canopy while adjusting your load to the correct setting. Once in the air, you are able to easily control autopilots systems directly from the tablet. State saving is incorporated into the aircraft and is controlled through the EFB. 

Keep an eye out on the Development updates page for more videos covering the “Lighting, Payloads and Hydraulics.” Once released you will be able to pick up this trainer for 49.99 at the Just Flight store including the 13 paint designs. 

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