Just Flight Updates 146 Professional for MSFS

May 23, 2023

Just Flight has recently released an update to their British Aerospace 146 Professional for Microsoft Flight Simulator, adding SU12 & Xbox Compatibility, flight model and performance (FPS) improvements, failures (and failure control), and more.

The British Aerospace 146 is a regional airliner made in the United Kingdom between 1983 and 2001, featuring four geared turbofan engines mounted underneath the wings, with a retractable tricycle landing gear. With up to 3,600 km of range and a 749 km/h cruise speed, it can tackle short and medium-haul, formerly very popular at airports like London City with its short runway and steep glide path angle.

The new update is now fully compatible with SU12 and Xbox, along with new features, including a random payload button on the EFB, allowing users to set a random amount of passengers for the flight. They have also included a fully customizable failure system, where users can control over 80 different system and component failures, with the possibility to fail them instantly, arming them to fail later, or even randomly, with togglable probabilities. The full changelog follows down below:


- SU12 and Xbox compatibility added

- Pushback controls added to the EFB aircraft page

- Failure controls added to EFB aircraft page - they can be set to fail instantly (FAIL) or armed to fail after X number of minutes (ARM). There is also a random failures option with selectable probability for those occurring.

- Random passenger and cargo load button added to the EFB aircraft page

- HF antenna EFB option is now available on all variants

- VHF NAV 3 antenna (located on tail) EFB option added

- Speed card weights now show in LBs if that unit is selected on the EFB aircraft page

- Onscreen keyboard added to EFB aircraft page

- Numerous flight model improvements

- Performance (FPS) improvements

- Weather visible in -300 cockpit and cabin - fixed

- Various minor livery fixes

- Glass effect added to FMS screen

- Rear passenger door button no longer shown when QT variant is being flown

- Flight director go-around mode is now correctly commanded by two presses of the AP disconnect switches

- ADF 2 test mode fixed

- Fast e rection function added to standby ADI

- Altitude selector test mode fixed

- Tweaks to DME HOLD test

- Minor fixes for MWS captions and tests

- Elevator trim green band backlighting fixed

- Small gap around EFB screens fixed

- Higher resolution compass cards added

- Runway turnoff lights now illuminate fuselage

- Honeycomb hardware compatibility improvements

- Additional lighting added to -300 and QC/QT cabins

- Outside ambient noise is no longer heard when only the lower cargo doors are open

New Random Payload Button
Failure Menu

Just Flight has also added pushback controls to the EFB, allowing for tug connection/disconnection, direction control, and even steering the tug during the pushback with the rudder.

Pushback Controls

With their effort to ensure Xbox compatibility came a complete redesign of the EFB operability, adding a virtual keyboard for controller users.

They have also previewed their custom UNS-1 Flight Management System, which is undergoing extensive testing to ensure it’s working as it should.

It’s available on the Just Flight Store and Threshold Store for $69.99 and $64.99, respectively.

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