Just Flight Releases FS Traffic for MSFS

Just Flight has recently released FS Traffic for Microsoft Flight Simulator, their brand-new AI traffic plugin that injects traffic based on real-world data with matching models, liveries, and accurate scheduling. 

FS Traffic features a fleet of native aircraft models with performance in mind, sporting high-definition textures, night lighting, custom animations, custom visual effects, compatibility with airport jetways and ground units, realistic sounds by Turbine Sounds Studios, and compatibility with online networks such as VATSIM, along with tens of thousands of real-life commercial flight plans from different periods, with data sourced from the same supplier used by real-world websites and applications. 

Data coverage includes the summer of 2022, with 2021 and 2019 to follow as free updates in the future. The time and the day of the week you choose within the simulator will dictate the density, as it is in real life.

Users can customize their flight plans with Traffic Control Centre, a tool where you can create new flight plans, add liveries, and add new third-party aircraft (as AI). Traffic density can be controlled on the fly with the in-game menu, with the possibility to regenerate it or get rid of it altogether. 

The developers claim there is no performance impact compared to the default offline traffic because models are said to be optimized, taking full advantage of the sim’s visuals without tanking the framerate. 

It’s available on Just Flight’s Store for $39.99, requiring at least 8.6 GB of free disk space to install.

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