Just Flight Publishes Tornado GR1 Development Update

Just Flight has recently published a progress update on the development of their Tornado GR1 for Microsoft Flight Simulator, a twin-engine combat aircraft jointly developed and manufactured by Italy, the United Kingdom, and Germany.

First flown in 1974 and officially introduced in 1979, the Panavia Tornado was operated by the German Air Force, Royal Air Force, Italian Air Force, and Royal Saudi Air Force, with 990 units built in total.

Just Flight’s rendition is modeled after the ZA465 “Foxy Killer,” who served with the No. 16 RAF Squadron during the Gulf War (1990-1991) and is now preserved for posterity by the Imperial War Museum Duxford.

Their livery artist has been creating 8K liveries that will be included with the Tornado GR1 at release. They will cover the IDS and ECR variants across the Royal Air Force, German Air Force, German Navy, Italian Air Force, and Royal Saudi Air Force in a mixture of standard and special liveries. The liveries they have showcased are all UK-centric, with more to come in future development updates.

Unlike some of their previous projects, they claim to have entirely scratched the old code from P3D, writing all the systems from scratch. Work is said to be well underway, with functionality added to the electrical, fuel, and hydraulic systems that lay the foundations for all other systems. While it’s no small feat, they have a dedicated systems coder, and the process should progress at a good pace, with Just Flight believing that it will bring the level of their simulation up to the highest standard within the confines of what is possible with Microsoft Flight Simulator.

They will share more information as it progresses, and Threshold will keep you updated!

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