Just Flight Publishes PA-38 Tomahawk Development Update

Just Flight has recently published a new progress update on the development of the Piper PA-38 Tomahawk for Microsoft Flight Simulator, a single-engined low-wing fixed tricycle gear general aviation airplane primarily used for flight training, touring, and personal use.

The developers have worked hard over the past few weeks on systems, modeling, texturing, sounds, and additional features that will be mentioned in the future.

They have implemented an interactive walkaround mode, accessible via the EFB, allowing users to navigate the aircraft's exterior and interact with various components. A mini checklist will show which components can be checked and interacted with, ranging from chocks, tie-downs, tow bar, control surfaces, stall warning tab, and the propeller.

The PA-38 Tomahawk will also feature wear and tear simulation, with components wearing out over time, with different wear rates depending on how the aircraft is treated. Distinct operational behaviors will result in different wear rates, as in real life. Components will be repairable, and high wear will render it unsuitable for flight.

The instruments will be affected by the amount of suction in the vacuum system, particularly noticeable when starting the engine, making the attitude indicator and direction indicator wobble as the suction increases.

Their texture artist has been retexturing the entire exterior, which is not reflected in the provided screenshots (it still shows the old texture set, as it's serving as a placeholder until the new set is ready).

There is still no release date information, but they say the finish line is getting closer.
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