JustSim Release Dalaman Airport (LTBS) for X-Plane 11

Alex John
Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Although JustSim couldn't live up to their promise to bring Dalaman Airport (LTBS) to X-Plane 11 within a fortnight of its announcement, it is better late than never, and is now available for purchase. See a selection of screenshots posted to their Facebook group below:

The airport is available at simMarket for €21.00 here, or through the x-plane.org store here.

We covered the announcement a month ago here, and shared the first previews of Dalaman in X-Plane 11 here.

You can follow JustSim on their Facebook page for all their latest announcements, releases and updates.

Credit to Discord user Hurri Cane for notifying us in our Discord server (link here)

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