Skyline Simulations Release Astoria Regional Airport for X-Plane

May 17, 2022

Astoria Regional Airport is a joint civil-military public. Currently, the airport is not serving any airline flights. It is mostly used as a military airport serving the United States Air Force and the US Coast Guard, frequently taking their helicopters out for search and rescue missions. The airport used to serve flights to Portland International Airport with SeaPort Airlines with fares as little as $49 each way. 

The product has been ported over from MSFS, allowing users to be able to fly in and out across multiple platforms. However, with porting does come miss accuracies in the SDK. However, the team has done a good job to flatten any issues out, making it an all-around good product.

Skyline Simulations have utilised the latest development tools when their rendition with fully detailed PBR ground textures, Landmarks, and detailed night textures. Along with this, the developer has also attached a feature list of everything included in their rendition of Astoria Regional Airport. 

  • Designed with the latest airport updates
  • UHD Realistic Custom Textures 
  • Detailed HD Ground with PBR and decals
  • Landmarks. Bridge, Column,
  • Super Detailed 3D modelling
  • PBR Materials on every building
  • Thousands of 3D custom static objects
  • Amazing and detailed night textures
  • FSEco-subsystem
  • Accurate City using original OSM data
  • Ground Traffic

Skyline Simulations Astoria Regional Airport costs $20 USD Excl VAT and can be purchased from the Store or their website.

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