KatiePilot Announces efbPro, an Innovative Standalone EFB

KatiePilot, the real-world Airbus pilot Twitch streamer and creator of the highly acclaimed Fenix Simulations Electronic Flight Bag (EFB), is now introducing efbPro, an innovative standalone EFB that goes beyond being a mere tool. With its ecosystem and customizability, it aims to provide a truly immersive and realistic flight simulation experience.

The upcoming EFB will be fully customizable, based on real-world units, with the ability to change the background and accessibility settings and even manage its apps (efbPro will have an app store).

It will also feature full SimBrief integration, weather monitoring and visualization for situational awareness, aircraft performance calculation, a built-in PDF reader for FCOMs, etc.

efbPro is claimed to be entirely standalone, compatible with any sim or device, whether a tablet, a laptop, or a second monitor. Some of the apps will feature direct integration with MSFS, though.

The app will be free, but developers may charge for specific apps on efbPro’s app store. There’s no release date yet, but Threshold will keep you informed!

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