Orbx Release Burbank V2 for MSFS

May 20, 2022

Released back in 2020, Burbank was one of the first Orbx products to hit MSFS. This meant that developing for the sim was new, and now developers have access to many tools to utilise and maximise the quality of their products. This said, Burbank has now got its own fully custom textures throughout.

Burbank is utilised by many carriers, mainly being used for domestic flights across America. With Phoenix, Arizona, carrying 274,000 passengers between February 2021 and January 2022. This can be utilised well with the recent release of the Fenix A320, and PMDG 737-700 will allow pilots to fly in and out across the west coast.

Previous owners update Burbank through Orbx Central, and new pilots seeking sun and fun can purchase it from the Orbx Direct or Orbx Central for $25.66 AUD Excl VAT.

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