Vertical Simulations Teases HD Refresh of Corpus Christi (KCRP)

Peter Tram
Sam Clark
Friday, July 26, 2019

A few hours ago on their Facebook page, Vertical Simulations teased a refresh of their rendition of Corpus Christi Airport which was released initially back in February. The HD upgrade focuses on providing an even better experience to an already great product.

Whilst the Facebook post was rather vague, we've approached the developer for more details.

Here are the changes and additions:

  • Buildings are redone in HD textures.
  • Redone ambient occlusion.
  • Changed out ground textures for HD versions with new PBR.
  • Changed out terminal textures.
  • Fixed night lighting.

The update will be free for existing owners. You can purchase the existing version of Corpus Christi from the Vertical Simulations website here.

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