Khamsin Studio Releases Freeware T-6G Texan

March 23, 2020

The well-known WWII themed X-Plane developer Khamsin Studio has released a free rendition of the North American T-6G Texan for X-Plane 11.41. 

The T-6G is a military trainer that was engineered by North American Aviation and first took flight on the 1st of April 1935.

Over 15,500 of them were produced and they were operated in air forces around the world (such as the US Air Force and Navy, and the RAF) until 1995 when the South African Air Force retired their last T-6.

Up to this day, they remain in operation but only in civilian hands.

The ‘G’ variant was built for battlefield surveillance and forward air control purposes, it is also nicknamed ‘Mosquito’.

The developer indicated that the airplane is optimised for low-end PCs (75k vertices and 1 exterior texture), furthermore, the addon is made for personal use. To conclude, Khamsin sends an open invitation to anyone willing to modify the .acf file of the aircraft (flight dynamics). 

“As I’m far to be a flight model guy, feel free to use, modify, improve and share your custom acf.”

Check the thread out for further instructions on airfoil modification.

The Khamsin Studio T-6G Texan is available for free on the forums

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