Verticalsim Updates Sarasota International for X-Plane to V1.2

February 19, 2021

Verticalsim has taken to their Facebook Page to announce an update to their Sarasota International Airport (KSRQ). The update brings the scenery up to standard with Verticalsim’s latest sceneries like Tampa International.

New features and improvements brought with the latest version of the scenery include additional lights, new ortho imagery and new vegetation including grass and tree textures.

Verticalsim also recently ran a community survey to gauge community interests in potential projects for the future. Questions asked ranged from airport categories users would wish to see in the future to the current use of Microsoft Flight Simulator in the community currently. The results of the community survey, of which there were over 230 respondents, can be found on the Verticalsim Facebook Page

Verticalsim is also behind the widely popular VOrthos project, under the VOrthos project is also the VStates project. VStates is high-quality colour corrected available for the majority of the United States. The project is currently only missing a few states including Nevada and Washington but is otherwise fully complete. The VOrthos collection can be found on the Verticalsim website.

Here’s the full changelog for V1.2:

  • Added SWA to gates
  • Added more light poles
  • Updated ground routes
  • Switched export target to XP V11.50+
  • Changed out ortho for a better source
  • Edited tree colours
  • Tweaked glass to be more realistic (You can now see the interior at night)
  • New grass textures
  • New taxi lighting

Verticalsim can be joined in their Discord Server.

To purchase a copy of Verticalsim’s Sarasota Internation for yourself, head over to the Verticalsim website, where you can pick it up for $8.49.

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