VerticalSim Releases Sarasota International for Microsoft Flight Simulator

July 16, 2021

Early Thursday morning, developer VerticalSim released their awaited Sarasota International airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The recently released scenery includes the features you’d expect with many sceneries, such as modelled interior of the terminals, many animated small features (wind socks, wig-wags and, air conditioning), Custom Jetways, newest airport layout, optimization for lower end PC’s, HDR night lighting and finally proper airport data (such as PAPI light positioning, AI taxi-pathing, etc.)

Nonetheless the ortho-imagery is accounted for with Microsoft Flight Simulator as well.

Sarasota can be bought on VerticalSim’s website for $17.99 USD, and you can also stay tuned for future projects at VerticalSim which are discussed in their Discord Server, alongside a suggestion channel to suggest a scenery you’d like to possibly see come to the flight simulation world.

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