ShortFinal Design Los Angeles International HD Updated to v1.1

August 23, 2020

ShortFinal Design has updated his Los Angeles International (KLAX) HD airport to v1.1. The latest version brings the addition of SAM jetways, changes in airport layout, along with some minor fixes and improvements. 

Here’s the changelog for v1.1 of SFD Los Angeles HD:

  • Replaced AutoGate with SAM
  • Added midfield concourse (not in use yet)
  • Updated taxiway layout (Added taxiways L and K)
  • Drastically reduced VRAM consumption
  • Updated most airport vehicles with brand new PBR models
  • Added weather effects to ground textures
  • Added PBR materials to all cars
  • Added Vulkan compatible GroundTraffic (Windows only)
  • Updated concrete ground textures
  • Updated runway skid marks
  • Updated ramp layout at terminal 8

Customers can redownload their copy of the airport from their store of purchase to update to v1.1. In an interesting development, while announcing LAX v1.1 on Facebook, SFD noted they were working on multiple projects which will be unveiled soon. Threshold will let you know of further developments regarding this. Previous articles about ShortFinal Design can be read here

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