Just Flight Publishes New Development Update on Palma De Mallorca for MSFS

January 14, 2021

Earlier today, Microsoft Flight Simulator developer Just Flight released a new “In Development” entry regarding its progress on the upcoming Palma De Mallorca Airport scenery. According to the statement, the airport will bring custom-made 3D models, high-quality PBR textures, detailed building interiors, and much more. 

The current list of features that will be available on the release is as follows:

  • Hundreds of custom-built 3D objects with PBR texturing.
  • Highly detailed buildings with interiors where applicable.
  • Custom ground textures including custom-made ground markings for taxiways, aprons, and surrounding streets.
  • Significant buildings and objects near the airport and on the approach paths.
  • Corrected ILS for all runways.
  • Animated hangar doors.
  • Custom-built jetway bridges.
  • Realistic night lighting.
  • Accurate parking positions and taxiways including general aviation.
  • Accurate ground handling vehicles.

Palma de Mallorca Airport, located in Spain, “is one of the busiest holiday airports in Europe. During the busy summer months, the airport handles 180,000 passengers and around 1,200 flights a day.”

The scenery is currently being worked on by a small group that “consists of two A320 pilots and a talented modeller/artist”. As of now, no release date and pricing details have been provided, though the developer does promise to keep the community closely updated on the team’s progress.

Threshold will keep you updated on further developments of this product. More for information on Just Flight’s Palma De Mallorca Airport, check out another article.

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