Leading Edge Simulations Releases DC-3 v2 for X-Plane 12

Leading Edge Simulations has recently released the v2 of their Douglas DC-3 for X-Plane 12, bringing two cockpit variants, custom-coded systems, and more.

Their newly released DC-3 features an accurately modeled Douglas DC-3 with heavy use of PBR materials, ensuring great visual acuity. There are two cockpit options, ranging from the classic layout from the 1930s-1940s and a modern style with modern instrumentation and avionics. 

The custom systems bring a deeply simulated electric system, two autopilot options, multiple navigation tools (VOR and ADF radios, GPS unit compatibility), a simulated hydraulic system, engines with fully simulated mixture control, a custom auto-feather mechanism, and realistic oil consumption figures depending on the engine’s health.

It also features an airframe system where every livery is individually persistent, with individual options, maintenance logs, and states, which can be controlled through a user interface.

The developers also disclaim a list of things that will not be available right on release: the hydraulic system has correct indications, but X-Plane does not allow for deep interaction with it; the anti-ice systems are present yet not fully simulated; hardware support is said to be “basic” for the time being; the Sperry autopilot on the “Classic” variant doesn’t have heading mode, only the basic operations.

It’s available on X-Aviation for $49.95 and is only compatible with X-Plane 12.

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