Laminar Research Invites You to Take a Walk Through Memory Lane

July 15, 2021

Recent X-Plane mainstays wouldn't have thought about past versions of X-Plane, but for those old-school simmers who was in Team X-Plane since their early inception may be glad to know that Laminar Research is doing their house-sweeping rounds in their office and uncovered a few interesting relics in their drawers.

On their Facebook page, Laminar Research has advertised an "X-Plane Collector's set", which includes four classic predecessors to the X-Plane we know and love today. On the product page, Laminar elaborates that "to make space for new things" the X-Plane development team has been clearing out space for a new slate in X-Plane's development, "office spring cleaning" in their words, "We’ve found all sorts of unique/rare DVD sets of previous X-Plane versions that we wanted to share." X-Plane v 9.0 - PC: Video Games
X-Plane 9 features water reflections!

The DVDs that has been uncovered sit their entire lives in Austin Meyer's office, all of which has "aided in the creation and development of X-Plane."

Most of the DVDs are already unboxed, though it is well maintained and cared of with love. The team warned that they couldn't guarantee the integrity of the data inside the discs, although on the flip side it likely wouldn't sustain any change and would function just like any other 10-20 year old DVD. "They're collector's items after all!"

Look at that PBR on X-Plane 6!

As these X-Plane versions are no longer manufactured, these copies of X-Plane are literally the only source you can get an original copy from, and there's only a handful of the disc sets. So for those of you who are interested, and want to take a direct peek at how X-Plane has evolved through the years, this is definitely an exciting opportunity to check what X-Plane is like from version 6 to today.

Each package contains:

  • An X-Plane 6 DVD with one region of scenery
  • An X-Plane 8 DVD with complete global scenery
  • An X-Plane 9 DVD set with complete global scenery
  • An X-Plane 10 DVD set in a European-localized metal box set

Nobody knows where X-Plane 7 went, though it challenges the conspiracy that it ate 9. I'll leave.

Shipping times will change depending on where you live, but its an estimated 3-5 days, plus for $59.99, those 4 X-Plane copies costs just as much as one copy of X-Plane 11.

X-Plane 7 (PC cover

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