MK Studios Updates LaGuardia Airport for MSFS

MK Studios has updated their recently released LaGuardia Airport (KLGA) for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The new update brings various features and improvements making the scenery more realistic.

The new update for LaGuardia, v1.0.1, includes various improvements, fixes, and enhancements. See the full changelog below:

Changelog v1.0.1:

- VDGS textures improved,

- PAPI light fixes,

- TDZ lights added to RWY04,

- GS double antennas fixed,

- Jetway fixes,

- Snowplows added,

- Terminal fixes,

- Improved stadium area,

- Parkings added to AFCAD,

- Some A parking removed from AFCAD,

- Fixed AA Hangar LOD.

The updated version of LaGuardia is available on Contrail for approximately $16.21 and requires a total storage space of 1.93GB.

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