VSkylabs Releases the SR71 Blackbird

VSkylabs Aerospace Simulations has released their SR-71 Blackbird for X-Plane 12. VSkylabs began work on the Blackbird in January of this year(2023), aiming to deliver an accurate and more in-depth version of this iconic aircraft to X-Plane. VSkylabs, well-known for its focus on unique and iconic aircraft, recently released the Hungarocopter as well. VSkylabs is dedicated to numerous details and features specific to the SR-71, spanning systems, animations, and mission configurations.

The flight model is currently at v1.0 (Early Access), with ongoing improvements planned for future releases. Notable flight model features include correct algorithms controlling Air Inlet spikes, ramjet characteristics, and propulsion simulation. Accurate throttle setting regimes enable conventional operations, where fully aft results in cutoff. The Chemical Ignition System is simulated, complete with visual startup effects.

Furthermore, afterburner variable exhaust nozzles are simulated and animated. The Blackbird's unique air inlet system, including the inlet spike movements and settings, aft bypass doors, fuel systems,  electrical systems, and hydraulics, are also faithfully simulated. Flight control surfaces are animated to authentic real-life parameters. Air-to-air refueling sequences are simulated as well.

The 3D model has been meticulously reconstructed from their older model to incorporate as many details into the sim as possible. The infamous A330 Start Cart is modeled and animated, featuring FMOD sounds of the Buick Wildcat V8 401 ci engines. Lockheed's D-21 reconnaissance drone is also modeled. The fully detailed VR-compatible cockpit replicates all the details of the actual aircraft.

See a complete and extensive list of features via the product page. Check out the free flight manual here. VSkylabs aims to build the most accurate SR-71 for any simulator, and so far, they have delivered.

The SR-71 Blackbird is available for purchase via VSkylabs website or X-Plane.org for $37.00

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