Laminar Research Searching for X-Plane Mobile Global Beta Testers

Monday, September 30, 2019

X-Plane desktop developers Laminar Research have been giving extensive spotlight to the lesser used mobile version of their sim recently, as it approaches the largest update in its lifetime.

"X-Plane 10" as the app is known, features many elements of the 11th iteration for desktops, with a reported 73% of the codebase being the same as the 'full' version for computers.

Global for Mobile (dubbed "Glo-Mo") will include all the airports desktop users have come to know, replacing the very limited scenario selector, which limits options to only a handful of regions, in place today.

In a post on their Twitter page, Laminar developers have dropped the biggest hint yet regarding the release of Glo-Mo, in a request for active beta testers to try the new version.

The post contains a link to a Google Forms page where questions regarding hardware, age, location and aviation experience level are asked.

If you'd like to apply for the testing position, you can find out more on the Laminar Research Twitter page here.

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