Lunar Simulations Announces Freeware 767 for MSFS

Lunar Simulations has recently announced the development of a freeware Boeing 767 for Microsoft Flight Simulator, set to feature integration with the Salty Simulations mod for proper autopilot behavior, a fully custom primary flight display, an EFB, cockpit animations, and more. 

According to the developer (on the announcement post), the development started in October 2021 (1 year and three months ago), with its current progress at a state where they can finally show some of it in the form of screenshots. The feature list includes realistic flight dynamics, a high-quality 3D cockpit and exterior, realistic systems and avionics, accurate performance data, high-resolution textures, and custom sounds and effects (marked as coming soon). 

The Boeing 767 is a mid-size, wide-body twin-aisle airliner that first entered service in 1982, designed as a technology bridge between the narrow-body 757 and the wide-body 747/777, seating from 181 to 375 passengers and with a range of 3,850nm to 6,385nm depending on the variant. It has been a popular choice for years due to its fuel efficiency and operational flexibility, suiting domestic (North America) and long-haul operations. Over 1000 767s have been built in total as of 2021.

There’s no information regarding the release date yet, but Threshold will keep you updated!

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