Pyreegue Dev Co. Releases Version 1.1 of Tivat XP

Friday, May 29, 2020

The first update to Pyreegue Dev Co.'s Tivat XP scenery has been released, alongside allowing the scenery to be sold in other stores.

Tivat XP is Pyreegue Dev Co.'s first scenery, drawing on the techniques the developer has used to develop their popular Airport Layout Enhancement Solution (ALES).

The airport is situated in Montenegro, and features high-resolution textures, orthoimagery covering the city and valley, and is compatible with popular traffic plugins including World Traffic 3 and X-Life.

Version 1.1 changes the following:

  • Fixed forests obstructing RWY14 approach path
  • Added new Terminal 2
  • Fixed some ground markings
  • Ground textures completely redone
  • Added wet effects to ground textures

The airport is available at simMarket for €14.90, and is now also available at the Threshold Store and store, for US $15.99.

Existing users can download the airport free of charge.

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