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By: Peter Tram
March 13, 2018


By: Peter Tram
March 13, 2018
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Released: Alabeo M20R V1.1

A few minutes ago, Alabeo has just released a new version of the M20R, now v1.1. One of the main features includes an upgrade to the entire logic system, improving performance and adds commonality on the development side for more seamless updating. Further refinements to cockpit functionality involve improved VR experience and some flight model tweaks, here is the full changelog:

List of changes:

  • Upgrade to the entire logic system, optimizing FPS and making future upgrades more standardized on our end
  • MAP gauge digits no longer shift when reaching 10’s column
  • Improved VR support (better manipulators)
  • Tweaked pop-up window positions
  • Tweaked elevator trim travel


Alabeo advises to download the package again from the link underneath, further adding that the user should uninstall their current version and install the new version.



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