Magknight 787 Aviator's Edition Updated to Version 1.5.0

Sunday, May 24, 2020

Magknight's 787: Aviator's Edition has been updated to version 1.5, featuring experimental Rolls Royce Trent 1000 engines, air conditioning, and fuel system upgrades.

In addition to the above, HOPPIE ACARS support has been added for various parts of the FMS, large changes have been applied to the flight controls, and more than fifty bugs have been fixed.

According to a post on the forum, versions 1.4.0 and 1.5.0 are compatible with X-Plane 11.50 and Vulkan, though beta 9 throws issues towards some users.

"Due to large filesize, it is recommended that you download the update from the store before using the SkunkCrafts updater (500+mb of changed files, may take a very long time to update otherwise)," wrote aeroniemi.

"No liveries are included with the download, although our livery pack can be found here along with many user-created liveries.

"Liveries from 1.4.0 are compatible with 1.5.0, however will not include additional features such as the SATCOM dome and RR engines, and use 1.4.0 (legacy) GE engine models. A number of new engine model and RR engine liveries are already available here."

The full changelog is as follows:

HOPPIE ACARS support for:

  • ATIS
  • TAF

Custom flight controls

  • Custom autobrakes (#355)
  • 5 settings plus RTO
  • Accurate disarm conditions
  • EICAS messages
  • Dynamic flap timing and order
  • EICAS messages for fctl/hydraulics
  • Experimental tailstrike protection
  • Horizontal stabiliser object
  • Roll spoilers based on speed and wingforce
  • Roll tiller above 45kts is disabled
  • Spoiler deployment on landing
  • Spoiler handle action
  • Spoilers retract on throttle advance
  • Surface droop on hydraulics loss
  • Surface fadeout by speed
  • Various other flight model changes

RR Engines (experimental)

  • New liveries are required for update GE/RR engines
  • RR engines have ~8% more power than GE
  • TPR and throttle limiter is experimental

Custom air conditioning systems

  • Air EFIS graphics
  • Cabin temperature using energy transfer model
  • Packs airflow
  • Sound

Upgraded fuel systems

  • Fuel balance system
  • Central tank scavenge system
  • APU fuel feed on ground
  • Various other fuel system modifications

Extensive bugfixes and other small features

  • 1000 climbout callout
  • 8.33kHz and 25kHz checking for TCPs (#308)
  • Added "POSITIVE RATE" callout
  • Added "V1" and "ROTATE" callouts
  • Added FPV indicator in FPA modes (#298)
  • Added pitch ground braking
  • Altitude green box
  • Approach idle
  • APU heat haze
  • APU outlet textures
  • Autothrottle button animations (#177)
  • Beacon light positioning (#294)
  • Cabin chime button and sound (#306)
  • Cabin sound switches to external near edges of fuse (#223)
  • CDU hold button
  • Custom cursor on MFD (#209)
  • Disabled commands that default on Honeycomb yokes
  • Doors stuck in loop when engines running (#259)
  • Engine pylon textures
  • Fixed autopilot button lights (#295)
  • Fixed continuous config warning after takeoff if conditions invalid at liftoff
  • Fixed PFD roll-disconnect
  • Fixed preselected baro setting doesn't hide after setting STD (#300)
  • Fixed soundpack not registering issue (order of operations) (#291)
  • Force reset wtbal on load (#337)
  • Forward cargo door opens with engines running
  • Fuselage textures
  • Gear bay textures
  • Heading Horizon option for PFD
  • Honeycomb yoke starter
  • LOC (dis)arming (#287)
  • Localiser gain (#152)
  • macOS SDK version
  • MCP defaults to HDG/VS
  • MFD central lines
  • Modified cabin windows texture
  • ND heading/track box (#315)
  • New ACD page in COMM, moved from EFB
  • New GE engines
  • Optional SATCOM dome (default off)
  • Removed reference to video in EFB Java error
  • Renamed EFB nosewheel settings for clarity
  • Reversers 3D (#242)
  • SAM Jetway GPUs
  • Some modifications to ND
  • Some small performance improvements
  • Switch to GPSS (#152, #258)
  • TAT/SAT (#234)
  • Various modifications to runOnce on startup
  • Various settings logging/checking issues (#285)
  • Vertical and horizontal stabiliser textures
  • VS/FPA conversion
  • XP elec to boarding/start engines to running

The aircraft is available to purchase from for US $44.95.

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