Magknight Updates their B787-9 Aviator Edition to Version 1.7.0

May 5, 2021

Magknight have updated their B787-9 Aviator Edition once more, bringing with it an assortment of improvements in all sorts of areas.

Fuselage and cockpit art join an improved fuel system, automatic checklists, and enroute CPDLC/ACARS using HOPPIE.

These improvements are topped off by other improvements and the implementation of feature requests from users.

It was back in September when the aircraft last saw a major update: version 1.6.0 saw the release of their brand new cockpit, with smaller updates releasing afterwards in the months that followed.

The version history at’s store shows the aircraft was updated in the following areas:

Improved fuselage and cockpit art

  • Screen LCD effect
  • Reduced animation time on most buttons
  • Extra cargo doors
  • Cockpit hatch
  • Additional GPU models
  • New (brighter) external lights
  • Animations for keyboard buttons
  • Window lines, pillar seals and HUD glass changes

Improved fuel system

  • Automatic fuel Jettison
  • Crossfeed
  • Pump loadshedding
  • Better primary pump selection
  • Various small fixes and improvements

Automatic checklists

  • Automatic checklists, defined on a per-livery basis
  • Autocomplete for checklists
  • Standard normal checklists included
  • Intergration with cabin announcements


  • Added freetext to various pages
  • Logon, logoff, responses and freetext messages supported
  • Oceanic and CPDLC clearance requests
  • Improved resilliance
  • Station status shown on logon/request pages
  • Simbrief uplink for aircraft loadout, configuration and flightplans

Various other feature requests and improvements

  • Toe brake animations
  • Reversers moving the throttles
  • EFB QNH inHg/hPa auto-detect
  • On-the-fly reload of cabin soundpacks
  • Added message info box to COMM
  • STORED VHF improvements
  • EFB error showing when EFB off
  • QNH Pressure range (#511)
  • Gear doors automatically deploy after takeoff
  • Improved NWS control logic
  • Brake temperature simulation
  • GEAR EFIS page
  • Full spoilers command order (#502)

On top of 1.7.0, Magknight has pushed four smaller updates through to 1.7.4, which include small fixes and improvements.

  • Fixed issue with CPDLC logon request
  • Fixed instance of SASL soft crash
  • Indicator test
  • Added indicator capabilities to most of the overhead yellow indicators (others to come)
  • Fixed bugs associated with having batteries off but elec power on somewhere
  • Fixed bugs with electrical drive disconnect
  • Indicator test ends after 3 seconds
  • Reduced display reflections
  • Master warning/caution indicators
  • Green light indicators
  • Balance ON indicator

The aircraft is available at for US $44.95.

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