“A New Adventure”: Industry Veteran Mathijs Kok Joins PMDG

Yesterday morning, Mathijs Kok reappeared on the Aerosoft Forums under a new account - weeks after announcing his departure from the company after 20 years of service -defending his former company with a statement on how he shaped the forum as he'd enjoy it if he were a customer, and then signing the post as "Mathijs Kok - PMDG Simulations."

As PMDG had not officially announced such a move, the community wondered whether it was an elaborate prank rather than the next big transfer of the flight simulation niche. For a while, there were no answers from either Aerosoft or PMDG, but Robert Randazzo broke the silence, confirming that Mathijs had, in fact, joined PMDG: "I'm personally thrilled to welcome my very long-time friend, Mathijs, to the PMDG team. I'll have more to say on this topic a bit later - and I may or may not shine a light on some of what we'll have him doing as part of our expansion going forward". "Anticipate him hanging back a bit while he gains his footing and gets up-to-speed. Our culture is very different from the one he has left behind after two decades- and his role here will be quite a bit different as well. There are a few key moments in PMDG's history- and it has been 15 years since we made specific, positive changes to improve the wider skill level and capabilities of our team. Mathijs coming aboard the PMDG team is one of numerous changes taking place in the background that go a long way toward my strategic objectives for PMDG- and I assure you you will be excited when you see what that plan looks like.", he concluded.

Mathijs himself had also made an appearance on PMDG's forum, thanking everyone for the support and explaining his decision to leave Aerosoft after so many years: "As a project manager, you have a task and resources, and they were not well aligned in my opinion. Aerosoft in 2023 is also a very different company than it was when I joined". "When he (Robert Randazzo) offered me to join his team, I did not hesitate. I did not even think about it. It feels like an adventure. One that is very welcome and really reinvigorated my love for the hobby and its users", he added.

Then, he stated how PMDG's structure suits his style better, with no sales department or marketing office aiming exclusively at production and sales happening almost automatically in response to a great product.

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Mathijs Kok (AirDailyX)

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