AviaCraft Updates FlightFactor A320 Matavia Mod for X-Plane 11

April 24, 2021

AviaCraft’s popular Matavia Mod add-on for the FlightFactor A320, has been updated to version 4.5. This update introduces new wingflex animations, new personalization features along with a configurator for the different engine variants.

With this update, the team focused on adding more personalization features allowing users to change the aircraft to their liking. Options include cockpit textures, reflections, colors, cabin lighting, window textures and more. Here is the feature list: 

  • Personalized cockpit texture + reflections
  • Personalized cockpit and cabin lights + colors
  • Personalized windshield and windows texture + reflections
  • Personalized 4K engine texture + reflections
  • Personalized wing texture + reflections
  • Personalized tail and elevator texture + reflections
  • Personalized cabin texture + night texture
  • Personalized cabin lights colors
  • Improved wheel and tire texture
  • Added 3D window shutter + windows
  • Added 3D Cockpit Windows
  • Compatible with "Ground Handling Deluxe"
  • X-Camera setup config
  • Added 3D Satcom
  • Added 3D Sharklets
  • Wingflex with Sharklets
  • Configurator including IAE & LEAP engines

To install the modification, users are required to download and install the global package followed by the user's desired exterior lighting mods. Then, cockpit colors, ground handling presets (JarDesign GHD) and a X-Camera preset can be added as extras. Finally, the configurator needs to be installed as the group states that it is required for the addon to work properly.

AviaCraft’s Matavia Mod for the FlightFactor A320 is available for free on the group's website. More detailed installation instructions can be found on that page as well.

Big thanks to Ev1dentSnow for the tip of the updates on the Threshold Discord Server, as well as SamWise, small anomaly and LifeSav3r for their screenshots!

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