Microsoft Announces World Update XV: Northern Europe and Greenland

In the Microsoft September development livestream hosted on Twitch, Microsoft and Asobo have announced World Update 15, which covers Northern Europe and Greenland, in partnership with Gaya Simulations.

The update includes many improvements for the landscapes of Scandinavia, including, 5 bespoke airports, new cities with photogrammetry, 90 new Points of Interest, 3 bush trips, 3 discovery flights, 3 landing challenges, and brand new Digital Elevation Maps with a resolution of 40 centimeters. 

Nine cities were announced to receive photogrammetry, including Oslo in Norway; Visby, Malmö, and Linköping in Sweden; and Aarhus, Copenhagen, Frederikssund, Roskilde, and Odense in Denmark. A tenth city, Gothenburg, was also teased, but it is still in development and going through further review by the Swedish Military, before being given the full green light. 

The 5 hand-crafted airports are:

  • Ivalo Airport (EFIV) in Finland
  • Akureyri International Airport (BIAR) in Iceland
  • Kiruna Airport (ENSQ) in Sweden
  • Leknes Airport (ENLK) in Norway
  • Mo i Rana Airport (ENRA) in Norway

Many of the bespoke airports, as well as the POIs have been created in collaboration with Gaya Simulations, known for their sceneries, and have worked with Microsoft before on World Update 14. 

While an exact release date has not been set for World Update 15, Threshold will keep you updated when it does, so stay tuned for that, and even more high quality flight simulation news!

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