Indiafoxtecho Announces Upcoming MB-339 Update for Microsoft Flight Simulator

March 2, 2021

Aircraft developer Indiafoxtecho posted on their Facebook page yesterday regarding an upcoming update to their MB-339 for Microsoft Flight Simulator. This follows the announcement for their T-45C which they hope to release in the next week.

The group announced that update is a result of their national aerobatics 60th anniversary. The post noted that the update will include a number of bug fixes and improvements.

The update will include the following bug fixes and improvements:

  • Remastered all external textures with higher detail
  • Changed HSI DME last digit animation (now continuous)
  • Fixed landing gear extraction and damaging speeds
  • Fixed bug that caused deletion of panel cover if gunsight is removed from a model
  • Decreased F/D vertical bar sensitivity
  • Changed rule of G/S engagement from G/S arm
  • Improved engine dynamics
  • Redone wwise engine sounds, based on real world samples
  • Fixed minor bug in TACAN/frequency conversion
  • Fixed minor bug in RDU display not showing the correct frequencies for COM1 in some case
  • Added indication of X/Y TACAN channel
  • Improved cockpit self shadowing
  • Rear view mirror are now foldable

“The icing problem is not solved yet, as there is no clear indication on how to solve it in the SDK”, the team also includes. Even though no official release date has been provided, the team hopes to release this update in the next few days. 

Although the team is planning for a release in the next few days, they say that there is still a “chance that it will take a little longer as it may clash with the T-45C release”. In the meantime, you can purchase the MB-399 for $25.71 on Orbx Direct.

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