Microsoft Flight Simulator: February 13th Update

February 13, 2020

Microsoft has published another update with regards to their upcoming flight simulator.

Today's update features eight new screenshots and details of upcoming updates and the SDK.

Starting with their Feature Discovery Series, episode 6 is set to shine the spotlight on airports in the simulator next week, whilst episode 7 is dedicated to IFR and is scheduled to release on the 5th of March.

Next, Microsoft confirmed more alpha invites are being sent out: "Starting today (02.13) through next Tuesday (02.20), we will be sending out another round of Alpha invitations!"

They swiftly moved on to an update on the SDK, stating that they are currently distributing the SDK out to their partners. Those who have not received the SDK were asked to wait patiently.

"Currently, we’ve got over 30 partners with access to the SDK. The feedback has been incredibly beneficial to the team as we continue to work hard on upcoming features.

"In the next Alpha update, you can expect improvements for existing tools, a new in-game aircraft editor will allow configuration tuning for aircraft parameters including the flight model with onscreen debug support."

Additionally, new Development Roadmap (DR) and Feedback Snapshot updates were posted in the Insider Area.

"16GOLFBRAVO YOU ARE CLEARED FOR TAKEOFF" was also written in the update. What this means is unclear at the moment, although users have suggested it may have something to do with 16GB.

The next update is slated to be posted next Thursday.

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