Microsoft Flight Simulator August 13th Development Update

August 14, 2020

A short development out of the Asobo Studio team today, as we close to within five days of the release of Microsoft Flight Simulator.

First addressed was a new video posted on the simulator's YouTube channel, which compares the numerous generations of Microsoft Flight Simulator from as far back as Flight Simulator 1.0 released in 1982. The four minute long timeline video brings users from the black-and-white to colour and from two dimensions to three.

Secondly, a short piece on beta access. It has been confirmed that Closed Beta users will have their access removed on the 17th of August at 10am PST in anticipation of the 18th's full release of the simulator.

The full partnership announcement with VATSIM was also released today, following on from a teaser released in late July.

A developer Q&A is also included in today's blog post, which took place live earlier today. A number of topics are addressed in the interview with three of the simulator's executives - Jorg Neumann, Sebastian Wloch and Martial Bossard.

Helicopters, seasons and liveries were some of the main topics addressed, however items such as general SDK access and future communication also received a mention. All of these will be 'coming soon', with Q&As to be expected every month.

Lastly for this update, a new feedback snapshot was debuted, with a number of 'answered' and 'improved' tags added to areas addressed.

Keen to learn more about performance in Microsoft Flight Simulator? Check out our latest video in which we put the new sim through its paces.

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